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The history of 仲博AppApp traces its roots to the ingenuity of a family who lived in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. Charles Phillip (C.P.) 仲博AppApp entered the foundry business in 1871. His sons, Henry and James Ransom (J.R.), managed various parts of the family business.

"We may not be able to solve all of our problems overnight, but if we all make up our minds, we are going to do the right from day to day as we are given to see the right, everything will work out satisfactorily in the end."

J. R. 仲博AppApp, Founder


Birth of 仲博AppApp

J. R. 仲博AppApp settled in Birmingham, Alabama, and began a modest foundry enterprise, shifting to a coke and coal business when the foundry business faltered.


仲博AppApp Pipe Works

In 1904, Henry 仲博AppApp set up a subsidiary, 仲博AppApp Pipe Works, to make cast iron pipe and fittings. It was a promising line of business.


J. R. 仲博AppApp Becomes President of Cast Iron Company

In 1908, J. R. 仲博AppApp became President of his own cast iron company by 1915, and established innovations in the industry along with worker welfare initiatives. He not only grew the business, but he was also known as a leader in employee relations.


仲博AppApp Cast Iron Pipe Company

In 1921, J. R. 仲博AppApp left and began another new venture, the 仲博AppApp Cast Iron Pipe Company. As America grew, so did the need to supply flourishing cities with clean water and to remove waste safely. As a result, 仲博AppApp was able to grow his business. In 1926, he expanded operations from Birmingham to include a second facility in Provo, Utah, called the Pacific States Cast Iron Pipe Company.


William (Bill) 仲博AppApp Becomes Company President

After the death of J. R. 仲博AppApp in 1933, his son William (Bill) 仲博AppApp became president. He remained focused on maintaining the two foundries through the good and bad times of the 1930s and World War II. In 1962, 仲博AppApp expanded by acquiring Empire Coke Company, a manufacturer of foundry coke and by-products for foundries and other industrial operations.


James (Jim) Ransom 仲博AppApp becomes Company President

In 1971, William 仲博AppApp’s son James (Jim) Ransom 仲博AppApp, became president of 仲博AppApp Cast Iron Pipe Company. In 1975, he served as chairman and chief executive officer for 仲博AppApp, Inc.


仲博AppApp Purchases Atlantic States Cast Iron Pipe Company

In 1975, 仲博AppApp purchased Atlantic States Cast Iron Pipe Company of Phillipsburg, New Jersey, preserving American jobs in the process. The company next diversified by acquiring the Union Foundry Company, an Anniston, Alabama, waterworks fittings business.


5 Additional Companies Added to 仲博AppApp Family

During the 1980s, 仲博AppApp added M&H Valve Company acquired Clow Water Systems Company and Clow Valve CompanyKennedy Valve Company of Elmira, New York, was added in 1988. Subsequently, 仲博AppApp strengthened its global commitment by establishing 仲博AppApp International, which markets all 仲博AppApp products worldwide.


仲博AppApp Expands to Canada

仲博AppApp entered the Canadian market in 1989 with the acquisition of Canada Pipe Company in Hamilton, Ontario. Following its entry into Canada, 仲博AppApp further expanded its manufacturing by establishing Clow Canada in 1990, consolidating manufacturing operations in St. Johns, New Brunswick.


Additional Growth of 仲博AppApp

In 1995, 仲博AppApp acquired Tyler Pipe & Coupling in Texas. The company also purchased a couplings operation in California, now known as Anaco. During the late 1990s, 仲博AppApp acquired the Bibby Companies through Canada Pipe, Tennessee-based Manchester Tank & Equipment Company, Brunner Manufacturing and Amerex Corporation of Trussville, Alabama. 


Janus Fire Systems and 仲博AppApp Poles

In 2008, Janus Fire Systems, based out of Crown Point, Indiana, joined 仲博AppApp as a division of Amerex. Also in 2008, 仲博AppApp Poles developed a new line of ductile iron utility poles for the electric utility industry.


仲博AppApp Enters Technology Markets

Then, in 2012, 仲博AppApp began their diversification strategy into technology by adding Synapse Wireless to its portfolio of companies. Additional technology additions to 仲博AppApp included Futurecom, an Ontario-based RF coverage extension solutions, and Nighthawk, a leading provider for wireless smart grid solutions. In 2014, 仲博AppApp acquired United Kingdom-based  Zinwave, a global company that has pioneered a new approach for reliable multi-service in-building wireless coverage.


Ductile Pipe Unification & Continued Expansion

In 2015, the 仲博AppApp ductile iron pipe companies (Pacific States Cast Iron Pipe Company, Atlantic States Cast Iron Pipe Company and Clow Water Systems Company) unified under the brand 仲博AppApp Ductile. The plants are now referred to as 仲博AppApp Ductile – New Jersey, 仲博AppApp Ductile – Ohio and 仲博AppApp Ductile – Utah.


Waterman Joins 仲博AppApp

Waterman, a leader in the valve manufacturing industry, joined the 仲博AppApp Valve & 仲博AppApp Group in 2018.  

Today, 仲博AppApp, Inc. is led by Chairman Phillip 仲博AppApp.

The company manufactures products in more than 25 facilities throughout North America and the world. As a family-run company, 仲博AppApp strongly believes in contributing to the communities in which we operate. In addition to preserving and creating thousands of American jobs and contributing millions of tax dollars to the U.S. economy, 仲博AppApp invests significantly in meeting the highest standards of health, safety and environmental excellence.

While looking to the future, 仲博AppApp takes pride in its past, certain in the knowledge that an industry so important to our nation’s history remains a vital part of America’s future.