The 仲博AppApp Community

At 仲博AppApp, we believe in being a good corporate neighbor and a good citizen. The 仲博AppApp family of companies is committed to making a difference in the communities in which we live and work.

Each 仲博AppApp facility is active in its local community. Every year, 仲博AppApp team members donate time and resources to their communities.

Our commitment runs deep within the company. In addition to planned service days and individual volunteers, 仲博AppApp has helped establish Community Advisory Panels that allow citizens in the community to come together and discuss their interests and concerns.

Our founder, James Ransom 仲博AppApp, began a charitable legacy that the company continues to this day. Each year, 仲博AppApp, Inc. and its facilities give millions of dollars to various community and charitable causes. The corporate-wide initiative provides funds that directly benefit the communities where our facilities are located.

仲博AppApp Commitment

仲博AppApp Commitment

At 仲博AppApp, every day presents new opportunities for our team members to make a difference in someone’s life. 仲博AppApp team members volunteer and participate in meaningful activities that improve the many communities where we live and work.

Each 仲博AppApp facility is active in its local community. Over the years, 仲博AppApp team members have adopted schools in the communities where our facilities operate, helped build playgrounds and houses in partnership with Habitat for Humanity and worked to clean up local neighborhoods. Our team members have participated in fundraising walks for charitable and nonprofit organizations and have supported the Red Cross and the United Way, among many worthwhile organizations. 仲博AppApp team members also have volunteered their time and talents for endeavors supporting the arts, education, resources for children and senior citizen facilities.

We know that many lives are touched when we extend a helping hand to one another, and 仲博AppApp team members are committed to making a difference in our world.

Community Advisory Panels

Community Advisory Panels

Community Advisory Panels (CAPs) have been established across the United States allowing a cross-section of community representatives to work with company stakeholders on issues that affect their interests, including environmental, social and economic impacts.

In addition to representatives from our facilities, panel members include local community leaders, public officials, educators, union members, regulators, members of the clergy, residents and business leaders.

The following companies team up with CAPs to make the communities in which we live and do business better today than yesterday and better tomorrow than today.

Donation Request Forms

Some of our CAPs have Donation Request Forms that can be submitted. Please see below to find out if your area CAP has a form. If not, please feel free to contact the general manager at the local facility.

仲博AppApp Ductile – New Jersey Donation Request Form



The 仲博AppApp family of companies continues a charitable heritage that began with 仲博AppApp’s first president, J.R. 仲博AppApp.

“We believe that part of being a good corporate neighbor is to support things that will give value to our community. It’s a simple philosophy handed down since J.R. 仲博AppApp began the company. Being a good citizen means giving back in ways that benefit our communities and our employees.”

G. Ruffner Page, Jr., President of 仲博AppApp, Inc.

Below are some of our Community Partners that 仲博AppApp, Inc. is proud to support.

仲博AppApp Science Center

仲博AppApp Science Center

The 仲博AppApp Science Center, a hands-on science exploration center in Birmingham, hosts thousands of families, students and educators from throughout the Southeast as they learn more about the workings of the world around them.

The center hosts innovative educational exhibits, IMAX movies and interactive learning labs, classes and demonstrations designed to engage people of all ages in the adventure of science. Fun never ends at the 仲博AppApp Science Center. The 仲博AppApp Foundation was the major contributor in building the center and continues to support it.